City of Los Angeles

HACLA Vision Plan

In late 2016, the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA) began developing a Vision Plan to guide its efforts to produce and preserve quality affordable housing and foster healthy communities.  The Vision Plan is aimed at developing a long-term, 25-year plan to preserve and expand its role in producing affordable housing and supporting healthy communities. 
As part of the HACLA Vision Plan strategy, TRG is leading the public engagement efforts for a series of thorough and creative community workshops to ensure the plan reflects the interests and aspirations of residents and stakeholders.  Public involvement includes motivating grassroots participation of nontraditional participants and a wide-range of community organizations and stakeholders.
The Vision Plan community workshops consist of group activities designed to increase participation through hands-on exercises addressing housing site specific themes, charts, maps, and video format storytelling.  In addition, TRG has partnered with, a web-based platform designed to engage residents and improve the way agencies and organizations collaborate with their stakeholders.  The website will be viewed as the public portal to all Vision Plan information and participation, including innovative approaches to leave feedback through questions and comments, opportunities to get involved, updates, newsletters, and events.
Click here for HACLA Vision Plan website, and here for the Vision Plan Facebook page, a Vision Plan related resource.