Los Angeles Clippers

Intuit Dome

In Summer 2021, construction began for Intuit Dome, the new Los Angeles Clippers Arena. The Robert Group (TRG) has been leading community outreach and public engagement efforts from the start of this three-year effort that came to fruition in September 2020, when the Inglewood City Council unanimously approved the Final Environmental Impact Report for the new arena. This state-of-the-art arena plans to be completed and open for the 2024-2025 NBA season.The arena is located near the recently opened SoFi Sadium— which is the new home of the NFL’s Rams and Chargers, and across from the Hollywood Park Retail complex. Located at the intersection of Century and Prairie Boulevards, the arena is expected to generate more than 7,000 full-time and part-time construction jobs and up to 1,500 permanent full-time and part-time jobs when the arena opens, bringing a host of new economic activity to Inglewood. It sits on a 28-acre parcel of land, making it one of the largest sports arenas in America. In addition to an 18,000-seat arena, the venue will house the Clippers’ team offices, corporate headquarters, practice facilities, a sports medicine clinic, a team store, and a public plaza with a variety of dining options and entertainment activities.

TRG developed a grass-roots strategy that engages residents throughout Inglewood and inspires them to share their visions on how best to use land that had been vacant for over 20 years. Through a number of workshops, living room meetings and backyard gatherings, TRG led a public awareness campaign that identified appropriate mitigation measures and garnered widespread support for the proposed Arena.TRG is especially proud to have worked closely with a broad range of Inglewood stakeholders and the Clippers organization in developing an unprecedented Community Benefits Program. This program commits $75 million towards local Affordable Housings Programs, $5 million towards supporting first time home buyers and renters and $20 million for youth and family programs.

The project's Good Neighbor Program, crafted by TRG, delivers customized benefits to residents living within the vicinity of the project affected by construction, aiming to reduce disruptions and improve neighborhood well-being. TRG actively engages with the Inglewood community through various outreach efforts, including hosting and participating in local events and hosting regular community meetings to update residents on the project's progress and address any questions or concerns. To date, we’ve participated in over 45 events where we’ve had the opportunity to provide Clippers’ swag giveaways, refreshments from local vendors, and sponsored activities, like face painting, local Mariachi bands, games, among others. Weekly construction notices keep residents informed, helping to minimize disruptions. Overall, TRG is committed to building positive relationships and maintaining transparency throughout the construction process.

TRG has developed the project website as the central hub for all construction-related news, community updates, and the Good Neighbor Plan portal, ensuring easy access to essential information for residents. Overall, TRG is committed to building positive relationships and maintaining transparency throughout the construction process.

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